5 Faves from May

Ben & Jerry's Birthday Cake Ice cream I love all things that are birthday cake flavoured so I was so excited when I saw this ice cream was released and it did not disappoint! I loved it so much in fact that I asked my housemate (who has an epic baking blog) to make me... Continue Reading →


6 Podcasts you need to listen to

With the dawn of the smartphone and near constant access to information, Podcasts have flourished as a means to entertain and inform. The beauty of podcasts is that pretty much anyone can make one about pretty much anything. Whether you want a story to keep you distracted on a crowded commute, or want to train... Continue Reading →

Easy ways to save the environment

After Blue Planet, being a bit more eco friendly and saving the turtles is on the forefront of a lot of people’s minds - thank you David Attenborough! But to fully commit and be a 0 waste, plastic free, litter picking vegan… well it can be a lot of effort. Here are some easy ways... Continue Reading →

How to Deal with a Quarter Life Crisis

Are you in or around your 20s and wondering what to do with your life? Is there a lot of pressure from friends, family and your friends asking the dreaded question “what are you going to do next?” Welcome friends to the quarter life crisis.

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