New Flat Decor!

I’ve recently moved in with the boyf, (yikes!) in a new city, (double yikes!) into a flat that desperately needed a bit of tlc (yikes x 10!). To soothe the move Adam let me have full control over redecorating and I had loads of fun with it! Adam had lived in the flat for a year already, which in a way made the move easier (no need to faff on with bills), but meant I didn’t have a clean slate to work with when pulling together our decor.

I’ve always been into home renovations – I’d always be moving the furniture around in my childhood bedroom, and I could spend hours oggling at scatter cushions and clever storage in homeware shops – but the prospect of a whole flat to decorate as well as unpacking my life was a bit daunting! On top of this, the flat is rented which limits any permanent decorating (what I would give to rip out the carpet in the kitchen!) and we’re on a pretty tight budget, so I wanted to work with a lot of pieces we already had to make the space feel fresh.

The inspiration primarily came from Instagram: the save function makes it really easy to keep a collection of inspirational pics, and accounts like @my.bdrm do the collating of the best decor for you! I love how natural textures can compliment each other as well as using neutral tones with pops of colour.

The Bedroom

This was my main focus because I think it’s really important to have a calm and organised space to relax. The room was already pretty neutral with white walls and tan carpet and furniture, and there were a couple of pieces in the flat that I could see working together.

I took some woven rugs, similar to these ones from Ikea, and put them on the bed headboard to make the bed more of a centre piece to the room. I also put a cream crochet blanket with tan bedding on the bed, which complimented the texture of the rugs, and went well with the wicker wash basket and bin that I moved into the room. On the wall above the bed I hung a scratch map of the world (which had been sat in it’s tube for years!) and hung some fairy lights around it – the copper colour of the map made a great accent colour for the room. I also love photo galleries and to save money on buying frames, I used little pegs and blue tack to hang up a collection of photos and prints that went with the room, and reflected us and our relationship.

There was a built in shelf which I reorganised to bring more attention to our books and removed a lot of the clutter. Ok it’s still pretty cluttered, but the majority of the ornaments tie in with the copper theme.

I also decluttered the rest of the room, putting a lot of the stuff in the walk in wardrobe (out of sight, out of mind!) and placed copper and rose gold accents around the room to tie it all together.

The Kitchen/Living Room

As I mentioned, the kitchen has a hideous blue carpet (who puts a carpet in a kitchen?!) so I worked with this to make that the feature colour of the room.

I put a blue, purple and cream crochet blanket on the sofa and the scatter cushion ties in the colour nicely. The rest of the area just needed a bit of reorganising to make the most of the space and (limited) storage. The most important part to a new home is to bring in fresh flowers and plants, so I got this gorgeous sunflower and brought my succulents in here.

The best part of this renovation? I didn’t buy anything new to redecorate! I just rearranged things that were already there and worked with the colours and pieces that were available, which just goes to show you don’t need to spend a fortune to refresh your space. No doubt I’ll get bored of this and redecorate again, and I’ll never stop window shopping in homeware departments!

You can check out the full move and redecoration journey in this video 👇👇👇

Are you just as obsessed with home decor and renovation projects as me? Let me know what your dream decor is in the comments! I want my home to look like an Oliver Bonas store 🙊

Tally x

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