Five Faves from June

How is it July already?! The year is flying by and, as always, there’s so much to be happy about if you take the time to enjoy it. Here are our highlights from June.

1) Queer EyeQueer-eye-for-the-straight-guy-650x621

YASSSS HUNNNNEEEEE! June saw the return of the most positive, wholesome TV show ever. The Fab Five transform peoples’ lives through grooming, redecoration, and soul-searching. Not only is it great fun to watch, you’ll be hard pushed not to find something you can take away from it. In fact, I received a full makeover courtesy of Tally.


2) Making Time For Friends


Although June has been really stressful with jobs ending and lots of change, there was also so much fun stuff going on with friends. From leaving dos to engagement parties, June has been full of events with old friends. It’s so important to make time for your friends and yourself – time with friends is rarely time wasted, so June has been one of our top months.


3) Sun. Actual sun in England! This is not a drill!  🌞

The weather in the UK has been GORGEOUS! It’s a running joke that summer only lasts a few days, particularly in Scotland, but it seems likes the sun is making up for all the summers we’ve missed. With temperature records being broken left right and centre, June has been a great time for BBQs, shorts, and trying to get a tan. The best thing is that it looks like the sun is here to stay, so here’s to a long and joyous summer.


4) Before I Go To Sleep

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 09.57.29.png

After having ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ by SJ Watson sitting on a shelf for ages, Tally decided to give it a go. Loads of books are described as ‘unputdownable’, but this one truly was, with Tally reading it in just a few days. It’s an intriguing mystery about a woman who wakes up every morning with no memories. Just like the protagonist, you will be kept guessing right until the very end. This is fiction at it best.


5) Good fashion choices


Inspired by Queer Eye, we’ve been taking a look at our fashion sense and have been experimenting with our styles. Tally has had her eye on some Birkenstocks for ages – she finally got them for her birthday and has been wearing them ever since. Adam has also been convinced that pastel suits are on the way in, alongside floral shirts, and for once he seems to be right! This statement outfit was one of the best things he’s ever worn, and that’s just the start of our fashion journey.


What were your highlights of June? Let us know in the comments.


Adam & Tally x

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