How to be a morning person 

People always say there’s never enough time, so what would you do if you had an extra couple of hours every day? Here’s a couple of tips to give yourself those extra hours by getting started with your day earlier.

When are you most productive?

I’m so tired when I get home from work that all I want to do is make tea and watch Friends. If you’re like me then maybe your most productive hours are first thing in the morning. If you’re fully capable of being productive into the small hours, maybe being a morning person just isn’t for you. Never hurts to try though, maybe you’re actually superhuman and able to do both!

Have a reason to get up

If I could only give you one tip it would be this! You’re not going to want to get out of bed earlier than you have to if there isn’t a pretty good reason! Maybe you use that extra couple of hours to do something you want to do: work on a project you’ve been putting off, maybe take up a new hobby or do some exercise. Whatever it is, it’s got to excite you and help you work towards one of your goals. Also you need to plan it fully the night before so you’ve got no excuses in the morning, get your yoga mat out, get your desk set up, plan your outfit etc.

I’ve been using my mornings to either do life admin stuff, like doing a food shop or laundry, getting ahead with personal projects like filming videos or editing, or trying to get a job by doing things like Skillshare courses.

(You guessed it) go to bed earlier!

You’re not going to want to get out of bed at all if you’re sleep deprived. Everyone needs different amounts of sleep so work out your optimum amount of time – I need a good 7 and a half hours – and count backwards from when you want to get up. This might take a while to get into the routine of and there’ll always be days when you do end up going to bed later, but it’s a start. You might be very tired the first day you do this but stick at it and get yourself into the routine – even on weekends!

Be flexible

You’re never going to stick to this new routine if you hate it, so cut yourself some slack. Work out your morning into chunks e.g. 15 mins to shower, 30 mins of yoga, 5 mins to set laundry going, and if you are just too tired when your alarm goes off you can easily work out what chunk you can miss by having some extra time in bed.

Have your breakfast as late as possible 

Even though you’ve started your day earlier, lunch time still stays at the same time! If I eat my breakfast as soon as I get up, I’m starving again by the time I get to work so I try and eat my breakfast after the rest of my morning routine. Tea still always comes first though!

Hopefully by following all of these tips you can get yourself into a routine of waking up earlier and getting more out of your day. Let me know in the comments how it works out for you and if you have any other tips. If you want to see my full morning routine have a watch of this video!

Tally x

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