Living your values – What Scouts Teaches

This is a guest post from one of my dear friends who I got to know when we were both scouts. I’ve been involved in Scouting for half my life - little 11 year old me went to her first Scout meeting a bundle of nervous excitement and never stopped going back. It may sound... Continue Reading →

Newcastle City Guide

If you're visiting the UK or fancy a city break staycation, it's well worth making a pitstop up North. I lived there for five years so here is the best of the best things to visit in the Toon.

Five Faves from July

It's official, we are now closer to 2019 than we were to 2017. With the year disappearing before our very eyes, here are some of our highlights from July.     Barn of the Farm  We were desperate to go to a festival this summer, as we didn't get chance to in 2017. After struggling... Continue Reading →

New Flat Decor!

I've recently moved in with the boyf, (yikes!) in a new city, (double yikes!) into a flat that desperately needed a bit of tlc (yikes x 10!). To soothe the move Adam let me have full control over redecorating and I had loads of fun with it! Adam had lived in the flat for a year... Continue Reading →

How to be a morning person 

People always say there’s never enough time, so what would you do if you had an extra couple of hours every day? Here’s a couple of tips to give yourself those extra hours by getting started with your day earlier. When are you most productive? I’m so tired when I get home from work that... Continue Reading →

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